Food habits, regular exercise, waking up early morning are a few of the most difficult things in a person's life to change. The last generation was healthier than today's generation of human beings. This fact becomes bigger than the rocket science because it is the fundamental thing to realize.

"You never realize the value of something until it's gone" We always hear about these lines. Either from a person or all the motivational quotes floating on the internet, WhatsApp Statuses etc. 

This is so relevant when it comes to our food choices. Your health depends on what and how you eat. You realize it when you start grow old, typically after 35 years of age. 

Eat only what your body needs. Try eliminating the wants. Staying fit mentally and physically is more important than how muscular you look. 

Haan!! Kabhi Kabhi, once in a month, ek vada pav, chat, petha, lassi CHALTA HAI 😁