I am amazed that this actually works. As a psychology student, I always want to experiment what I hear. 

Disclaimer - these are my personal opinions, observations, experiences. I don't intend to hurt anyone's belief or sentiments. Please use your own life as an example and make conclusions.

I corelated many events in support of the conclusion I made that Placebo Effect is a real thing. 

I don't say that - something supernatural doesn't exists or medicines that actually work doesn't exists but many things I trust, can be connected to the Placebo Effect. 

Here are some of my thoughts to share with you.

The Predictor

I connect the word predictor with someone who usually advices good to us. It could be our parents, relatives, friends, colleagues, a saint. The list is endless.

  1. Suppose you are stressed, your parents or a close friend says "everything will become alright" and the next moment things becomes alright.
  2. You (as a student) failed in many subjects in a final examination and you are depressed. It is natural that you go to someone close to you. In some cases even parents and close ones cannot convince you that you can do better next time and then you meet a saint for his/her advice. The saint says " I bless you. You will pass the examination with great marks". The next year you get great marks and top in the examination.

When I talk about doctors, there are exceptions. I would like to appreciate a few doctors who along with medicines also give moral support to their patients. Most doctors today have to meet their targets of prescribing medicines to profit. It is an unfortunate reality. If you are reading this and have a different opinion, please reach out to me or correct me, please. I definitely have some points to argue.

A doctor who can morally support a patient can treat them even without medicines. Or pretend to give the patient some medicine but water instead. Human responses to psychopharmaca are often inexplicably variable, and cannot be understood without taking into account the effect of the doctor and of the relationship between the doctor and the patient.


It is common today that somebody you love the most, live away from you. You miss them every minute and want to be together. 
  1. Talking to them over phone, sending them a message and receiving a response that they miss you too and love you a lot, makes you feel a little comfortable for some time.
  2. Chat applications these days are more than for just text messages. It comes with features that allows you to share your favorite song, video, image or emoticons, allowing you to express more even without face to face communication. This makes you feel comfortable for some time.

These are the most interesting and self-healing people I have come across. Be it any disease, situations, or problems, they overcome 😁. All they need is a bottle of alcohol. 

I remember my alcoholic friends saying " hey buddy, drink 30 ml of Rum and your cold/cough will vanish the next day.  Alcohol is the solution for all problems like love failure, sleeplessness and even financial problems".  ROFL😂

Here are a few resources for your reference.